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Citizen participation as a tool for strengthening democracy


Citizen participation as a tool for strengthening democracy

Head of the project

Prof. dr. habil. Monika Florczak-Wątor


mgr Wojciech Firek

The aim of the project is an interdisciplinary analysis of citizen participation as a tool for strengthening democracy. Contemporary representative democracy is no longer the only and sufficient form of governance and is increasingly complemented by various forms of direct citizen participation in deciding public matters. Citizen participation requires the creation and functioning of a space enabling citizens to become actively involved in public affairs. This space is intended to be independent of governments and accessible to people with different views and positions. These people should be able to undertake, within the space made available to them, various forms of civic activity, independently or together with others, creating and developing civil society. In this way, citizen participation is complementary to the traditional forms of political activity of citizens, including in the process of creating and applying laws. Because of the positive aspects of the active presence of citizens in the public field, citizen participation is nowadays used in most democratic countries. Therefore, an important element of the project is a comparative study of participatory institutions in countries such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Norway, Spain, and Poland. The research project will provide new knowledge on the understanding and application of citizen participation institutions, as well as identifying desirable legal standards for the protection it in a democratic state. The project will directly result in a monograph and three articles.

Funding source

(registration no.: 2022/47/O/HS5/02440)

Financing amount

PLN 440 181